Thoughts on the Mysteries of Llyn Tegid from Aly Bevan

ali tegid

Magic seeps toward  Llyn Tegid shore from the lake, shrouded in legend and lore and rich in Mabinogian mystery. If you listen closely, you can hear the weeping of Ceridwen and the cries from the horses of Gwyddno Garanhir.

Mighty oaks vie for position with the mountains and mist covered hills in the background. It is truly one of the most beautiful sights you will ever see in your life.
The lake itself has a cauldron like feel, nestled in the surrounding mountainous terrain, it holds its own secrets, such as a fish called Gwyniad (Coregonus Lavaretus) found only in Llyn Tegid, they are a protected species.
I was lucky enough to be part of a beautiful ceremony on the shores where the groves of trees had become a grotto shining with lights like a Fairie Kingdom, it culminated in a twilight walk into the lake itself. The Awen was compelling, it called to all the participants clearly.
Llyn Tegid can be translated to mean ‘lake of tranquillity’, it is a more lyrical description than even a poet could weave. It is fed from the Afon Dyfrdwy (River Dee) and is said in myth to contain a drowned village.
Ali Talk Druids at lake Ali
Ancient oaks guard the lake

Ancient oaks guard the lake


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Mysteries of Llyn Tegid from Aly Bevan

  1. Wendy Pierce

    I luv walesmy heart soul guts r there im stuck in la calif usa please help me educate the world calif and especially la about wales tge west coast id clueless & uneducated


  2. Shaun Burkey

    I’d be interested to know where these oaks are so I can record them for the Ancient Tree Hunt which I am a part of for the Woodland Trust. If you look at the website you’ll see the interactive map and can zoom in on the lake and see the other impressive trees I’ve recorded there.



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